Cloverfield 2 ARG Begins With Relaunched Slusho Interactive Website


The Cloverfield 2 alternate reality game (ARG) has seemingly started with the relaunch of the franchise’s Slusho website. Announced in 2018 by J.J. Abrams and officially confirmed in January 2021, the fourth Cloverfield film will be a direct sequel to the original found-footage giant monster movie. There are very few details known about the movie, but it’s been confirmed Cloverfield 2 will not be filmed in a found-footage style, one of the biggest complaints people had with the 2008 movie. Babak Anvari has been tapped to direct the sequel, with Joe Barton penning the script.

In typical Cloverfield fashion, very little is known about the sequel besides the very basic information above, but the sequel’s ARG seems to have begun now that the Slusho website is working again. Until recently, would give fans an HTTP 301 response and redirect them to an inactive web page. But now, the website is back up, allowing fans to mix six different flavors (Blueberry Zoom, Chocolate Rage, Mikan, Nashi, Banana Anime, and Strawberry Tasty) together to make their own unique Slusho.

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Cloverfield’s History with ARGs

ARGs have always been a big part of the Cloverfield franchise’s marketing. Back in 2007, when Transformers hit theaters, the first Cloverfield teaser was released without the film’s title and simply gave the release date 1-18-08. This led devoted fans down a rabbit hole of mysterious websites and an elaborate backstory for a character named Jamie Lascano, who briefly appeared in Cloverfield at Rob’s going away party. 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox had similar ARGs, with the former even providing coordinates to a buried ammo box filled with survival gear from John Goodman’s character Howard Stambler.

With Cloverfield 2 said to be a direct sequel to the original, it makes sense that the film’s ARG would begin on the Slusho website. Back in 2008, the website included an “About” section, merch shop, downloadable music/ringtones, and the interactive Slusho game mentioned above. It’s possible the website could be updated at some point to include more clues for the sequel and start teasing what happened after the events of Cloverfield. However, as of right now, there appears to be nothing hidden in the code of the website. All flavor combinations have also been tested to see if a specific pairing unlocks something on the website, but that also hasn’t given any additional clues to the sequel.

With the Slusho website being down for years, it seems unlikely that the domain owners randomly decided to reactivate it. Barton revealed in October 2022 that he was hopefully on his final draft of Cloverfield 2’s script, and if that happened to be the case, the sequel could have already been filming for months. If Cloverfield 2 is indeed set to be released soon, it’s possible the Slusho website is only the beginning of another massive ARG for the franchise.

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