Deadpool Is Paired Up With Comic Accurate Wolverine In Hugh Jackman Post


In the lead-up to Deadpool 3, Deadpool has been paired up with a comic accurate Wolverine look in Hugh Jackman’s recent Instagram story.

With Deadpool 3 on the way, Hugh Jackman has released an image that teases a comics-accurate look for Wolverine. After the end of the Fox X-Men universe, it looked like Jackman was hanging up his claws with the ending of Logan. Yet, despite having resigned to retirement from the role of Marvel’s foremost berserker, Jackman agreed to star in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds. With the beloved Wolverine getting ready to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Deadpool, the MCU is finally taking on the X-Men as a whole.


While excitement mounts for his return, a recent Jackman Instagram story teases a potential comics-accurate look for the MCU Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Check out the image below:

Wolverine and Deadpool helmets

The costume, which features bright colors, long ears, and a sharp nose, looks almost exactly like the costume that Wolverine typically wears outside live-action productions. While Deadpool and Wolverine will have a difficult dynamic in Deadpool 3, the sight of their costumes side-by-side is interesting enough, given that the characters haven’t had the chance to interact in live-action, despite often meeting in the comics.

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Will Wolverine FINALLY Have A Comic Accurate Suit In Deadpool 3?


With the Fox X-Men universe largely focusing on realism for its superpowered cast, it largely stays away from costumes entirely. While it occasionally has matching looks for the characters, it lacks any of the bright colors, comic book styles, and ridiculous designs that make comic-accurate costumes so distinct, as all the characters tend to wear dark clothing, body armor, or else just regular civilian clothes as they set about on missions. It was realistic for the Fox universe, as it helped establish the X-Men as serious characters in a serious world, but it isn’t a perfect quality for Marvel Studios. It’s a Fox X-Men issue that the MCU must fix in Deadpool 3, alongside continuity errors, a lack of diversity, and an inability to focus on more than four core characters.

After all, Deadpool 3 offers the MCU the opportunity to completely rebuild the X-Men from the ground up, meaning that the team can finally dress in their iconic look. If Jackman’s tease actually amounts to a comics-accurate costume, it will help ground Wolverine in a universe with brightly colored superheroes, including the Scarlet Witch and Captain America, running around the set. For Wolverine, it’s a tell-tale style for the character that the Fox universe largely avoided, and if used in a movie, the MCU X-Men can correct Fox’s costume failure by proving that costumes really are viable in serious superhero media.

Additionally, the costume helps to separate Marvel’s Wolverine from the Fox version of the character. A distinct look can make it clear that there is a fresh take on the character after only a glance. While there is not yet word, beyond this tease, of whether Wolverine will actually be dressing up for the MCU, Marvel Studios has been pushing for costumes that perfectly match the comics, so there is a serious chance. Given the fact that Marvel is banking on X-Men nostalgia to get the franchise on its feet, a costume for Wolverine in Deadpool 3 can be just what it’s looking for.

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