Does The Flash Movie Have Another Secret Villain? Director’s Sketch Has DC Fans Speculating


There may be another secret villain in The Flash movie, as fans are speculating about a recent sketch that the director released. After running for a decade, the DCEU is coming to an end with The Flash film, which will reset the franchise and pave the way for James Gunn’s DC Universe. Starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, the DCEU finale will focus on the Scarlet Speedster tapping into the multiverse. While the marketing has focused on General Zod as a central threat, The Flash movie may have another iconic villain in it.

Director Andy Muschietti recently shared a sketch that is seemingly from The Flash movie production. While the image features a speedster, the coloring suggests that it may be none other than Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash.

It’s unclear if Muschetti’s sketch is meant to serve as a storyboard sequence for The Flash film or if it’s a simple drawing. Nonetheless, this has sparked massive speculation in the fandom that Reverse-Flash will be in the DCEU installment.

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The Flash Movie Doesn’t Need Another Villain

Given that The Flash movie is drawing some inspiration from Flashpoint, it would only make sense for Reverse-Flash to appear. However, in this case, the film doesn’t actually need another villain, as The Flash is already crowded with a lot of characters. With General Zod and Faora back for this story, the leading heroes will already have their hands full.

But outside of the returning Kryptonians, The Flash movie is already setting up a different speedster villain. While not shown in the trailers, The Flash marketing has confirmed that a character named Dark Flash will be introduced, most likely him being one of the Barrys. There have also been zero build-ups for Reverse-Flash to this point, which would make Eobard’s arrival in The Flash feel unearned.

It would also be pointless to introduce Reverse-Flash in The Flash movie when the DCEU is about to get wrapped up this summer. Depending on what Gunn does with The Flash mythology in his new DC Universe, it would be better to save Reverse-Flash’s cinematic debut till later. Time will tell what Muschietti’s tease was all about as The Flash arrives in theaters in a month.

Source: Andy Muschietti/Instagram

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