Dune 2’s New Bene Gesserit Character Played By James Bond Star Teased By Director


Dune: Part Two director Denis Villeneuve teases a new Bene Gesserit character that will be introduced. The first half of Villeneuve’s adaptation of the seminal sci-fi novel introduced the religious sisterhood known as the Bene Gesserit and several members, such as Rebecca Ferguson’s Lady Jessica, who believe in the prophecy that her son, Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides, will emerge as a mighty savior for the galaxy. The second half of Villeneuve’s adaptation is set to introduce several new characters, including a new Bene Gesserit member, Lady Margot, played by the Bond girl Léa Seydoux.

In a new first look at Dune: Part Two from Vanity Fair, Villeneuve teased what audiences should expect from the new Bene Gesserit sister. The Dune director says Margot Fenring “will be a secret agent in the movie” and will be “full of surprises.” When asked if she is good or evil, Villeneuve said there is no clear-cut answer and went on to explain the Bene Gesserit’s overall agenda. Read what he said below:

Margot Fenring is a Bene Gesserit sister, but will be a secret agent in the movie. It was very playful to work with Léa. It’s a character full of surprises. The main goal of the Bene Gesserit is to make sure that humanity will move in the right direction. The Bene Gesserit, they don’t think about what’s good or what is evil. That’s not very important for them. What is important is to bring humanity to its full potential and to try to create a being that will bring humanity to enlightenment. It’s their full agenda, which takes place over thousands of years of planning and controlling. They are the true masters of this world. Their biggest weapon is time. They see the world in centuries.

Lady Margot’s Importance In Dune 2 Explained

Lady Margot is one of the most important new characters in Dune: Part Two, along with Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan, Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, and Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV. Margot is a close friend of the Emperor, though as Villeneuve says, that doesn’t necessarily make her evil. As a double agent, she is ultimately loyal to the Sisterhood, and under the guise of humbly serving the Emperor, Lady Margot is able to secretly steer the Empire toward the Bene Gesserit’s ultimate goals of enlightenment.

With the Bene Gesserit, especially Lady Jessica and Margot, playing such important roles in Dune: Part Two, it’s no wonder why the franchise is in development on a Max prequel series centered on the secretive matriarchal order. Dune: The Sisterhood is set 10,000 years before the events of the original novel and focuses on the origins of the Bene Gesserit. The series should give audiences a better understanding of the “thousands of years of planning and controlling” that Villeneuve alludes to, as well as the role the fabled sect will play in the saga’s epic conclusion.

Source: Vanity Fair

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