Encanto 2 Chances Get Joking Response From Star


John Leguizamo is the latest Encanto star to be asked about a potential sequel to the Disney animated movie. Encanto performed modestly at the box office when released in theaters but soon became a huge hit when it debuted on Disney+. Leguizamo voiced the character Bruno Madrigal, the focus of the movie’s most well-known song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” In addition to the song, Bruno is one of the most important characters in the story regarding the Madrigal and their home.

When asked if there would be an Encanto sequel on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Leguizamo had a humorous response but also expressed enthusiasm about making the first movie. Given how ubiquitous “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became in popular culture and on social media, Leguizamo naturally references his character’s iconic song. Beyond the joke, his positive comments indicate that he may have an interest in returning for an Encanto sequel where he can reprise the role of Bruno and perhaps be part of another hit song. Check out Leguizamo’s response below:

“Yeah. It’s gonna be called ‘All We Do is Talk About Bruno.’ I had no idea. I was having a great time with Lin and the cast, and you just do these things, and you hope for the best. But to be number one in the world, the biggest Disney movie ever, you never would have thought that. Never.”

What Would Encanto 2 Be About?

If Leguizamo and the other Encanto cast members are on board to return, the question is what the sequel would be about. One compelling idea is for a powers twist in Encanto 2, with the story taking place in the outside world beyond the village where the Madrigals reside. The concept could explore whether the Madrigals’ powers would work in the outside world since they are tied to their Casita in the village.

The Madrigals lost their powers briefly toward the end of Encanto when the Casita was destroyed, but they were soon restored when the Casita was rebuilt. Losing their powers for most of the sequel would force them to confront who they are without their abilities. It would also give Mirabel a new chance to shine as she is the only family member without powers. The rest of the Madrigals would face these challenges instead of Mirabel, who felt insecure without powers in the first film.

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The next Encanto movie could also be a prequel instead of a sequel. A prequel could explore Abuela Alma’s earlier life, showing how she became the village’s protector, and what it was like when the Madrigals first began developing their powers. Between some of Alma’s controversial decisions in Encanto and the potential absence of beloved characters due to the story taking place long before the events of the first movie, an Encanto prequel could be risky, but it could explore more new ground than a sequel would.

Source: Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen


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