Fury Road Immortan Joe Cosplay Is Impressively Imposing


Mad Max: Fury Road bad guy Immortan Joe comes imposingly to life in impressive new cosplay. Starring Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky, 2015’s Fury Road marked the unlikely return of the iconically ‘80s Mad Max universe after a three-decade hiatus. Alongside Hardy’s ever-brooding Max, the acclaimed film offered up a gallery of instantly iconic characters, including Charlize Theron’s righteous warrior Furiosa, Nicholas Hoult’s War Boy Nux and of course Hugh Keays-Byrne’s villainous Immortan Joe.


As the world waits for the Mad Max universe to return once again (sans Max himself) in the upcoming prequel film Furiosa, SovereignTea Cosplay & SFX looks back on Fury Road’s iconic bad guy with some impressive Immortan Joe cosplay.

This recreation of Keays-Byrne’s mutant villain is anything but mediocre, as it nails the character’s bizarre post-apocalyptic look, complete with fiendishly toothy mask.

Immortan Joe Will Be Back In Furiosa

Those who enjoyed Immortan Joe as a nightmarish vision of a water-hoarding, female-enslaving post-apocalyptic dictator are in luck, as the character is confirmed to return in the upcoming prequel Furiosa. In the new film, Immortan Joe is already entrenched in the Citadel, but faces a threat from a biker horde led by the warlord Dementus. Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa, having been kidnapped from the Green Place of Many Mothers by the bikers, finds herself fighting to survive amid this battle of two tyrants.

As exciting as it will be to get further backstory on Furiosa, it will arguably be equally exciting to learn more about the mysterious and bizarre Immortan Joe. It remains to be seen how much background information Furiosa will give about Joe, but it would be fascinating to find out the origins of his strange costume, and learn more about how he came to create the Citadel. Immortan Joe’s look in the new movie has yet to be revealed, but it’s certain that Miller and company have come up with an amazing design that will inspire multitudes of creative cosplayers, just as Mad Max: Fury Road has done.

Source: SovereignTea Cosplay & SFX/Instagram

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