Harry Potter Characters Show The Force In Star Wars-Inspired Art (& Voldemort Is Scary Sith)


New AI-created series of art shows what the Harry Potter characters would look like in the Star Wars universe. Like Luke Skywalker needed to face the evil Emperor Palpatine, Harry Potter has a journey of his own against the evil Lord Voldemort. With more similarities between the major franchises, adding a hint of magic to the Force isn’t too much of a deviation for the Hogwarts trio.

Taking part in a competition for Freelance.com, LuXxabde used AI to combine the Wizarding World into the world of lightsabers, Jedi, and Sith. Check out the art below:

With Harry, Ron, and Hermione wielding blue lightsabers, they are forced to reckon with Sith Lords Voldemort and Draco Malfoy. Supporting them are a Jedi-inspired Neville Longbottom, an alien Snape, a Stormtrooper Dumbledore, and a Wookie Hagrid. While they’re all Harry Potter characters, they do seem to fit into Star Wars universe.

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Would Draco Malfoy Really Be A Sith Lord?

One element standing out is Harry Potter‘s Draco Malfoy, wielding a red lightsaber. That lightsaber is a sign of the Sith, who specializes in the Dark Side of the Force, so it raises questions of whether he would be a true Sith Lord since Draco had hints of a redemption arc. Even if it was never fully explored, the character did not fully delve into the dark.

Draco didn’t fight at Voldemort’s side in the Battle of Hogwarts, and his disarming of Dumbledore is a crucial element of the Dark Lord’s defeat. Unfortunately, Draco’s allegiance remains murky and not quite comprehensible to himself. Later in life, Draco reforms and challenges his own prejudicial beliefs, but the majority of his time in Harry Potter would likely leave him on the side of the Sith. That doesn’t necessarily mean he would need to stay that way forever.

Draco’s father encouraged him to side with the Death Eaters, a scenario similar to Anakin Skywalker being raised by Palpatine to lean into the Dark Side of the Force. Furthermore, Draco and Anakin both managed to turn against the beliefs of their father figures. Sith Lords regularly turn to the Light, so Draco being a Death Eater in this Harry Potter and Star Wars mash-up doesn’t mean he needs to stay that way forever.

Source: LuXxabde/Freelancer.com


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