Harry Potter Star Imagined As Magneto In Epic MCU Fanart


Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy actor Jason Isaacs is imagined as the iconic mutant Magneto in an epic new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art piece.

Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, becomes Magneto in new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art. Ian McKellan portrayed the older version of the mutant in Fox’s X-Men saga, which produced several films between 2000 and 2019. Though the X-Men still seem to be a long way from being introduced in the MCU, plenty of hints within Phase 4 confirmed the existence of mutants while teasing the possibility of the X-Men further down the line. If the X-Men were to enter the MCU officially, it would be nearly impossible to do so without Magneto, a central figure in the group’s history and mythos.


Digital artist Subi Özil recently posted fan art putting Isaacs in the role of Magneto, a popular choice in fan castings for the mutant in the MCU. Isaacs has starred in many projects over the years and is perhaps best known for his work in the Harry Potter franchise as the elitist, cowardly, and cruel Lucius Malfoy. In the piece, Isaacs’ head is unprotected by Magneto’s signature helmet, though he wears an updated version of one of his comics costumes. Interestingly, Magneto appears to be surrounded by the new Avengers’ helmets and other items, implying that Isaacs would be playing the classic villainous iteration of the character in the MCU. See the post below:

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Why Jason Isaacs Would Be A Perfect Magneto

Lucius Malfoy holding his cane in Harry Potter

Magneto has enjoyed a rich and layered storyline in the comics, moving from villainy to heroism, with a fleshed-out backstory as a Holocaust survivor. The character may have a tragic past, but his aggressive methods and beliefs in the genetic superiority of mutants compared to humans constitute character flaws that earned him super-villain status, no matter how noble the cause of mutant civil rights. Since Magneto eventually becomes an anti-hero and has a complex friendship with X-Men leader Professor X, his live-action counterpart in the MCU would need to exhibit both sides of the coin – Magneto’s dangerous arrogance and righteousness.

Isaacs’ portrayal of Lucius in the Harry Potter movie proves his capacity for villainy and talent for playing haughty characters with a superiority complex. Much like Magneto, Lucius fools himself into believing that he is fighting for the correct side; in his case, the side that will keep his family safest, seen when he rejoins the Death Eaters in Harry Potter. His belief that he has the moral high ground makes his scenes all the more chilling. In addition, Isaacs’ numerous other roles have cemented his charisma and versatility as an actor, and his age and Jewish heritage also give him a few key traits in common with the powerful mutant.

Will Magneto Appear In The MCU?

Magneto surrounded by mist in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Since the Fox X-Men franchise (and several other on-screen adaptations) have already covered Magneto’s story, it’s possible that the MCU will decide to go in a different direction and not include Magneto in their future plans. However, with Wolverine’s presence in Deadpool 3 on the horizon, it’s unlikely that the franchise will shy away from using one of the other most popular X-Men characters, especially after Professor X (Patrick Stewart) appeared in a Doctor Strange 2 cameo. As for when Magneto will appear in the MCU and what his story will be, it remains to be seen as Phases 5 and 6 unfold. Whenever the characters does arrive in the MCU, the above fan art proves that Isaacs would completely nail the part.

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Source: Subi Özil/Instagram

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