Harry Potter Trio Imagined As Gothic Tim Burton Characters In Gloomy AI Art


The Harry Potter franchise now crosses over to Tim Burton’s distinct-styled movies, as a series of AI art shows the trio looking more spooky and gloomy. The Harry Potter film series is one of the most successful franchises in history, introducing the Wizarding World through the lens of the titular Chosen One. While the series has its own darker atmosphere, Tim Burton’s unique visual techniques add a different aesthetic and tone to the magical world with a more gothic and somber touch.

Using AI art, Instagram user Mystic Draws AI revamped the series’ lead trio protagonists and the iconic Diagon Alley in the gloomy style of auteur director Tim Burton. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Diagon Alley are all reimagined in three ways. The first images showcase a more realistic and dark style similar to Sleepy Hollow and Dark Shadows. The second images display a mixture of Burton-esque elements and Pixar-style animations that reminiscence Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride. The third images are a 2D animated version that is very reminiscent of past settings in Burton films. Check out the art below:

Could Future Harry Potter Projects Be Darker?

Several Harry Potter AI arts portray a brighter and more whimsical future for the franchise, but new imagery depicted in Burton-esque darkness and gloom brings the question of whether a darker take on the story would work for future projects. While the first films had a lighter tone and brighter visuals, the subsequent entries were characterized by darker blues and blacks, coinciding with the rise of Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort’s dark and evil plot would lend itself to a more miserable and dreary tone, and a project that placed a larger emphasis on the villain could succeed that way. There have already been some casting suggestions, including Benedict Cumberbatch as the Dark Lord, ​​​​​​​which would work with a more foreboding Harry Potter project. Cumberbatch’s deep and booming voice, paired with his malicious face, would work well in a darker story version.

Some of the most well-received films from the original series, such as The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire, were crafted with more darkness, so there is precedent for a more sinister take on Harry Potter. While the future of the prequel film series Fantastic Beasts remains up in the air with no indication that there will be a fourth film, HBO Max has recently confirmed a Harry Potter reboot TV series with an ambitious 10-year plan. As they hope to remain more faithful to the books, the series could also take some influence from Tim Burton’s crafts.

Source: Mystic Draws AI/Instagram


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