Henry Cavill’s Superman Teams Up With Shazam To Fight The Rock’s Black Adam In DC Movie Fan Trailer


Henry Cavill’s Superman and Zachary Levi’s Shazam join forces against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in a new DC movie fan trailer. Before the launch of DC Studios, Black Adam was meant to take the DCEU in a new direction, including the return of Cavill as Superman. Despite a hyped-up cameo, Johnson’s film didn’t meet the expected box office results, meaning any plans for a Black Adam/Superman fight ceased to exist. Shazam! Fury of the Gods also did not perform well commercially, which has left those characters’ fates up in the air.

While the new DC Universe may not include these versions of the characters, many are still imagining what a team-up between Superman and Shazam would look like against Black Adam. Dr. Flashpoint, a popular YouTube editor, recently did a fan trailer for Shazam/Superman vs Black Adam in a similar vein to the animated film Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam.

The Shazam/Superman vs. Black Adam trailer sees the Man of Steel and Billy Batson joining forces, as well as the inclusion of the Justice Society of America. As Black Adam learns about Shazam’s existence, the footage sees the three forces duking it out.

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Could A Shazam/Superman Vs Black Adam Elseworld Film Still Happen?

Despite James Gunn launching his new DC Universe, a Shazam/Superman vs. Black Adam film is not as impossible as some may think. While the primary focus is on the new interconnected universe, DC Studios is also pursuing Elseworlds stories, with movies that take place in their own continuities. Even though The Flash movie will reboot the DCEU into the DC Universe, it doesn’t necessarily close the door on DC Studios going back to that reality through an Elseworlds setting.

Once the DC Universe gets going, starting with Superman: Legacy in 2025, there could always come a time when DC Studios wants to revisit the previous incarnations of these characters. Even if the DC Universe has a new Superman, as well as Shazam and Black Adam, down the line, the old DCEU can still be treated as an Elseworlds franchise, thus allowing a Shazam/Superman vs. Black Adam movie to happen.That could also honor Johnson’s statement that while Black Adam isn’t part of DC Studios’ “first chapter of storytelling,” they would be looking at exploring other ways to utilize the character in “future DC multiverse chapters.”

A Shazam/Superman vs. Black Adam movie would be a solid way to properly end that chapter of the DCEU. Given that Shazam and Black Adam are arch-rivals in the lore, it would be fun to see that payoff happen at last and even give Cavill a chance to finish his time as Superman properly. Hopefully, as the DC Universe gets rolling, some of DC Studios’ Elseworlds plans can perhaps include a Shazam/Superman vs. Black Adam film.

Source: Dr. Flashpoint/YouTube

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