How One Scream 6 Shot Spotlighted Sam’s Growth


Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Scream 6!

As she finally begins setting her own path, cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz reveals how one key Scream 6 shot properly spotlightled Sam’s growth. The latest installment in the slasher franchise saw Melissa Barrera’s Sam, her sister Tara and friends Chad and Mindy move to New York City to get away from the terrifying past of Woodsboro, only for a new string of Ghostface killings to commence. Garnering strong reviews and a massive box office haul, continuing the franchise’s resurgence in popularity.


In honor of the film’s home media release, Screen Rant exclusively interviewed Scream 6‘s Brett Jutkiewicz. When asked about his approach to filming scenes focused on Barrera’s Sam in comparison to other characters, the cinematographer took note of one key shot in which she holds one Ghostface, Quinn, at gunpoint, believing it was a “powerful and meta” way to spotlight her growth in the movie. See what Jutkiewicz explained below:

But that being said, because Sam is our heroine in the film, we definitely pay special attention to her hero moments. One that comes to mind is when she is up on the balcony, at the theater, and she’s holding Quinn at gunpoint. I had this image in my mind of her being lit by the projector on one side of her face. So you could kind of see the image of what’s being projected on the screen hitting her and almost making her one with the movie in a way and one with the franchise. There’s something kind of interesting and powerful and meta about that. She’s coming into her own in this moment, and so it’s little things like that. We definitely looked for ways to give her those hero moments.

Sam’s Growth In The Scream Franchise Explained

When first introduced in 2022’s Scream, Sam seemed a fairly prototypical twentysomething woman, enjoying a relationship with a goofy man of the same age and estranged from her family. Expectations were quickly upended in the film with the reveal that she was the daughter of Skeet Ulrich’s Billy Loomis and suffered from hallucinations of his spirit tempting her to embrace his violent nature forher own, which led to her distancing from her sister in the hopes of protecting her.

Related: Scream 7 Must Answer A Crucial Question About SamThis violent instinct would initially help her survive both Jack Quaid’s Richie and Mike Madison’s Amber in Scream, but it also put her on a path of paranoia going into Scream 6, becoming a helicopter parental figure to Tara at a time in which she wants to grow and enjoy her college experience. Unlike other characters in a similar position, Sam did seek professional help to process everything she went through in the prior film, though still seemed to be struggling to internalize any lessons shared by her therapist.

Going into Scream 6, one of the biggest theories from audiences surrounding Sam was her potentially becoming a new Ghostface, with the trauma of the Woodsboro attacks unlocking something in her akin to Billy that she could only satiate with violence. Her meetings with her therapist did touch upon this theory, even revealing internet theorists claimed her to have been the true culprit. But, as Jutkiewicz notes above, the final act not only shows her finding a way to embrace her violent heritage without letting it ruin her life in the way it did her father.


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