How Secret Invasion Connects MCU Phases 3 & 5 According To Sam Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson shares how Secret Invasion ties Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 and 5. The Infinity Saga wrapped up almost four years ago, and Marvel Studios has been focused on building the Multiverse Saga. Secret Invasion, however, will revisit the tail end of the Infinity Saga, and connect it to the MCU’s current storytelling.

In Empire Magazine‘s extensive feature on Secret Invasion, Jackson reveals how the upcoming Disney+ series will tie The Marvels and Captain Marvel. For context, the actor is also confirmed as Nick Fury in the Nia DaCosta blockbuster, which will strengthen the ties among the aforementioned projects. As it turns out, three decades after Carol Danvers and Fury promised the Skrulls a new home, that still hasn’t happened. Secret Invasion will be “seeing what the consequences of that could be.” Meanwhile, the Disney+ show will function as a pre-cursor to The Marvels, with Jackson saying:


“This series has to happen so that The Marvels can happen. All these things are connected in an interesting sort of way.”

What To Expect From Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion will see Fury and Talos the Skrull teaming up with each other for the first time since Captain Marvel. The pair will deal with the nefarious faction of the shape-shifting aliens who have been secretly infiltrating Earth for years. While the MCU is known for its humor, it’s taking a different approach with the next Disney+ series. Secret Invasion will be more serious than Marvel Studios’ fare, which is exciting.

Previously, Marvel Studios described Secret Invasion as a cross-over event. Jackson’s latest comments prove that, with the show being the bridge between the events of Captain Marvel and The Marvels. Aside from that, however, it’s curious what other MCU implications the show’s events will have in the franchise moving forward. It would be surprising if Fury and Talos’ battle against the evil Skrulls will end with just a single season of the show.

As Fury goes into this burgeoning conflict, it’s curious how he plans to tackle this crisis without a team supporting him. The fact that it also features shape-shifting foes will undoubtedly make his job trickier than it already is. After the Multiverse Saga’s continued exploration of the multiverse, seeing a more grounded storyline with Secret Invasion will be a breath of fresh air.

Source: Empire Magazine

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