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Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two director Christopher McQuarrie addresses whether the upcoming film will really serve as the end of the franchise, teasing that plans often change. After six successful installments, Tom Cruise is set to return as superspy Ethan Hunt for an additional two adventures. The upcoming seventh and eighth movies, both of which are directed by McQuarrie after he joined the series with Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in 2015, were widely billed as a two-part conclusion to the long-running franchise, at least for Cruise’s character.


Now, however, ahead of the Mission: Impossible 7 release date, McQuarrie offers a more mysterious response to EW regarding whether Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two will really serve as the end. While it certainly sounds like the plan is indeed to end things with the eighth movie, which is still in production, the director teases that those plans maybe aren’t as set in stone as had been alluded to previously. Check out McQuarrie’s full comment below when asked if a ninth movie is possible:

“Look, we’re still shooting 8 and there’s any number of ways that that story could play out. When you’re watching Mission: Impossible, and watching the team go through these adventures, you’re having some sense of what it’s like to make a Mission: Impossible movie. There’s always a plan, the plan always changes, everything goes completely awry, and hopefully everything always turns out alright in the end. But you never really fully understand, or trust where it is you’re going, until you get there.”

Mission: Impossible 8 Should Be The Last One

McQuarrie’s comment tracks with the typical production style for Mission: Impossible films, which often see Cruise, who also serves as a producer, working with McQuarrie to shape and adjust the films’ stories as they go. The movies are also often built around certain set pieces, with story components jig-sawed together to work with the stunts that the production has planned. It makes sense then that aspects of Mission: Impossible 8, including potentially the ending, are still somewhat flexible.

Even though a ninth film may not be completely off the table, Mission: Impossible 8 should be the last one. The biggest reason for this is that Cruise is now almost 61 years old. Although Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford have proven that one can still be an action star even into their 70s and 80s, the death-defying, practical stunts of the Mission: Impossible franchise become less feasible as a star like Cruise ages, especially since he does all the stunts himself. It’s for this reason that the franchise also shouldn’t continue without Cruise’s involvement.

Mission: Impossible 8 has the massive challenge of topping the stunts in 7, which already look like the franchise’s most wild set pieces yet. Another follow-up film faces the daunting prospect of topping what’s to come in both of these films. What’s more, the upcoming two movies appear to tell a more interconnected story for the first time, making Mission: Impossible 8 the perfect sendoff for a franchise and a character that have been dazzling audiences for more than 25 years.

Source: EW

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