James Gunn’s DC Universe Phase 1 Timeline Predicted By Fan In New Graphic


A new fan graphic predicts what’s to come from James Gunn’s DC Universe Phase 1 timeline, including multiple solo projects and a new Justice League.

A detailed fan made timeline, in the vein of Marvel’s phase system, has given an idea as to what the first batch of DC Universe projects could look like. After many executive changes at Warner Bros. Discovery, James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired as co-CEOs of DC Studios at the end of last year, which put them in charge of the DCU’s overall direction in the coming years. Later this month, he is expected to unveil part of the first slate of projects that will kick off the first chapter of the rejuvenated DCU. Meanwhile, four films part of the existing universe are set to release this year, though it remains to be seen what places they will hold in the upcoming revamped continuity.


Reddit user JMRanger1 recently posted a detailed fan graphic imagining Gunn’s DCU Phase 1 timeline, listing six possible films and three possible TV shows following Gunn’s confirmation that the DCU will branch into series, animation, and video games, with justifications for each choice. The timeline takes inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s tried-and-tested method of introducing the mainline superheroes, in this case Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, in their own projects, but deviates by including a team-up, “The Justice League“, earlier on in the phase. The full timeline can be seen below:

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What We Know About James Gunn’s DCU Plans


So far, Gunn has remained relatively tight-lipped on specifics regarding his upcoming vision for the DCU, though there has been a lot of activity until now. It has been long-suspected that upcoming film The Flash will serve as a soft-reboot of the so-called Snyderverse, ushering in the new slate of projects. It’s not yet confirmed that this is the case, but Gunn has already shelved many of the projects that had been in development, including Wonder Woman 3, and Superman actor Henry Cavill won’t be returning to the role following confirmation that the new DCU will be introducing a younger version of the character. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has spoken of his desire for a streamlined, organized MCU-like approach to future DCU films, and with Gunn already making huge, controversial decisions, it looks to be headed that way. However, this does leave the issue of whether other scheduled projects, such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, will fit into future plans at all.

Gunn has made it clear that the new DCU will centralize Superman and Batman, which makes sense considering they are DC’s two most iconic figures. It is already known that a young Superman movie will kick off the new era, but audiences will have to wait until later this month until the following projects are unveiled by DC Studios, and who exactly will comprise this iteration of the Justice League. The aforementioned fan made timeline suggests that Gunn will likely also include lesser known heroes, who could debut on HBO Max as series. Gunn has already proved that he is capable of actualizing this through his fan-favorite DC show Peacemaker.

Alongside the mainline DCU, there has also been confirmation of Elseworlds projects, such as the Reevesverse that includes The Batman and upcoming HBO Max spinoff The Penguin. These projects won’t directly be part of the DCU continuity, meaning Gunn would have more freedom with where potential stories could go and what stories could be adapted. It also opens the possibility for one day bringing these projects into the DCU via a multiverse crossover event, as is suspected to be the case for the MCU’s upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars. If so, it’s evidence that Gunn could be planning very far ahead.

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