Kevin Smith Looks Back On One His Most Iconic Films In New Documentary Trailer


The 1997 film Chasing Amy is the center of a new documentary, which premiered its trailer today. The project, which was helmed by director Kevin Smith (who also wrote the screenplay), stars Ben Affleck as Holden McNeil and Jason Lee as his best friend Banky Edwards. When Holden falls in love with a woman named Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams) who is a lesbian, thus begins a complicated love triangle that involves a great deal of sexual fluidity.

Today Entertainment Weekly shared the trailer for the upcoming documentary Chasing Chasing Amy exclusively on their web site. The documentary, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 8, features interviews with Smith, Adams, and Lee among others, breaking down the history and legacy of the film. However, the documentary also tells the story of its own director Sav Rodgers, and the way Chasing Amy shaped and continues to shape his life and his identity as a queer person.

These Days, Kevin Smith is All About Legacy

It might seem unusual that Smith and the cast are so heavily involved in this movie that isn’t necessarily directly about them. However, the story it tells is one that the director likely resonated with, given his recent penchant for exploring his creative past through new work. Over the past few years, Smith has been doing his own sort of victory lap, looking back at the films that made him an icon and giving those properties another chance in the spotlight.

The director has never been opposed to making sequels. Especially considering the fact that his movies all tend to take place in a connected world known as the View Askewniverse, this makes perfect sense. However, between 2008 and just a few years ago, he was mostly creating original works like the wacky horror outing Tusk and the Seth Rogen/Elizabeth Banks comedy Zack and Miri.

This new period of his career began in the late 2010s with his legacy sequel Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which revolves around the major recurring View Askewniverse characters Jay and Silent Bob, who were introduced in his breakout hit Clerks. He followed that film by reuniting the Clerks cast for Clerks III in 2022. This documentary about Chasing Amy seems like the perfect cherry on top of this recent trend, which is set to continue with his upcoming Mallrats sequel.

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