Live-Action Hercules TikTok Inspiration Clarified By Disney Producer


Producer Joe Russo is clarifying what he meant when revealing the live-action Hercules would take inspiration from TikTok. Disney’s animated musical, based on the hero Heracles, premiered back in 1997 and despite a relatively poor theatrical run, it has managed to generate a strong fanbase. Following its titular demigod through youth, the movie explores Hercules’ efforts to reunite with his family on Mount Olympus and prevent Hades from gaining power. A live-action adaptation was announced in 2020, with the Russo brothers serving as producers, and Guy Ritchie attached to direct.

Russo previously noted that Hercules would take inspiration from TikTok, which led to theories about what the upcoming film might look like. In a recent interview with Radio Times, the producer further explained his comments, adding that there have been changes to the way content is absorbed and using the success of 2022’s Matilda the Musical as an example of how to appeal to audiences. Read Russo’s comments regarding the live-action Hercules below:

We live in a world where most of your audience under 30 is now informed by their social media habits and it changes the way that they consume content and information and storytelling. As the storyteller, you have to be aware of changing habits… I think Matilda was a great example of a movie that, because of TikTok, it became a bit of a sensation with an under-30 audience… I think that’s part of the fun of telling global stories, when people all over the world are suddenly mimicking a dance from a clip from your movie and I got as much enjoyment as anybody out of watching those Matilda clips and that’s what I was speaking to – this idea of understanding what world you live in and how people are communicating and what it is that excites them about new stories.

How Hercules Can Update Disney Movie With Modern Lens

The live-action Hercules will not be an exact remake, with the Russo brothers teasing more of a modern retelling. While other Disney films, including Beauty and the Beast and Ritchie’s 2019 Aladdin, incorporated slight changes, many have drawn criticism for remaining too similar to their animated versions. The producers also revealed that Hercules would expand the world of the original movie, though specific details related to its plot have been kept under wraps.

Some elements the live-action film could explore would be its mythology and the relationship between Hercules and Zeus. There is also potential to include original songs and performances by different characters, something other Disney remakes have done. Since Alan Menken’s music has become one of the most memorable features of the 1997 classic, there may be questions regarding new content, but it would likely spread fast across TikTok.

Casting, especially when it comes to The Muses, has been popular on social media for a while, so another way to engage with fans could be to consider the names being brought up. It will be interesting to see what direction the movie goes in, and if taking inspiration from TikTok works in its favor. Those looking forward to finding out how Hercules comes together can be sure to keep up with any future news.

Source: Radio Times


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