M3GAN’s PG-13 Rating Defended By Horror Movie Auteurs James Wan & Jason Blum


M3GAN producers Jason Blum and James Wan discuss why the upcoming Blumhouse horror film isn’t R-rated, defending the decision to make it a PG-13.

M3GAN producers Jason Blum and James Wan discuss why the upcoming AI horror wasn’t given an R-rating. Slated to kick off another exciting year of horror releases, M3GAN will hit theaters next month and will introduce audiences to its titular AI doll. Allison Williams stars as Gemma, a roboticist who becomes the new guardian of her niece Cady, played by Violet McGraw, after the young girl’s parents are killed. Gemma invites her creation M3GAN into her home to look after Cady, however, the duo’s blossoming new friendship quickly unveils some dire issues with Gemma’s prototype.


M3GAN will debut with a PG-13 rating, a move that has left some cautious as to just how horror-filled this latest Blumhouse release will be. In response to this hesitation, M3GAN producers Blum and Wan have defended the film’s rating in a recent interview with THR. Blum confidently stated that some of the scariest horror releases of all time fell under the PG-13 rating, before prompting audiences to go and see the film to see for themselves. Wan then also noted how the rating opens M3GAN up to teenagers, a demographic that he believes will “really dig” the film. Check out the pair’s discussion below.

Blum: Some of the scariest movies of all time are PG-13, so I don’t put too much stock in the bellyaching. Go see the movie, and then tell me about it.

Wan: Listen, I’ve done PG-13 films and I’ve done R-rated films. So I think it’s about whatever is most suitable for the film, and even though M3GAN is a scary movie, teenagers will really dig this. They’ll really like it, and I think it will speak to them in a big way.

Blum: Yes, that’s right. We wanted teenagers to be able to see the movie, ultimately.

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How M3GAN’s PG-13 Rating Could Help Blumhouse Secure Its Next Big Franchise


M3GAN‘s promotional run has been a unique one to say the least, as the anticipation that surrounds this film only continues to grow as its release draws closer. The debut of the first M3GAN trailer immediately made waves online, with one particular clip in which M3GAN performs an almost comedic dance routine before brutally attacking one of her victims quickly establishing the AI doll as somewhat of an icon across multiple social media platforms. This unprecedented reaction to the film’s trailer has reportedly already sparked discussions surrounding M3GAN 2, with M3GAN‘s release still a short while away.

Despite opening up more possibilities within the film’s content, an R-rating can be somewhat restrictive when it comes to its release, as it naturally narrows the audience pool. With M3GAN having caught the attention of social media users, it’s clear that the film stands a better chance of becoming a box-office hit by allowing teenagers the opportunity to see it in theaters, something Blumhouse is undoubtedly hoping will happen in droves. With talk of M3GAN 2 already underway, it’s likely that Blumhouse is already eyeing up their next major franchise but for now, M3GAN‘s box office release is likely to be the next big hurdle for getting a fully-fledged M3GAN franchise off the ground.

Both Blum and Wan appear confident in the decision to make M3GAN a PG-13 movie, and from what’s been revealed across various teasers and trailers so far, it seems the film could even potentially push these boundaries to a great extent. As the film now nears its much anticipated theatrical release, just what exactly lies ahead in M3GAN‘s runtime will all be revealed upon release. In the meantime, however, Blum and Wan’s comments are sure to appease those who were somewhat concerned about M3GAN‘s rating.

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