Marvel’s Blade Movie Gets A Very Surprising Writer To Finish Its Story 1 Month Before Filming Starts


Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot is moving forward rapidly as the studio has hired a surprising writer to finish the script one month before production is set to begin. One of the Marvel properties that are getting rebooted is Blade, as Mahershala Ali is set to bring him to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe years after being revealed. His solo film was announced in 2019 at San Diego Comic-Con as Ali made a surprise appearance during the Hall H presentation. However, Blade has been stuck in development hell throughout the last few years, including a shift of directors and screenwriters.

Blade is reportedly set to begin filming in late May 2023, but it turns out the creative team has changed again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto has boarded the MCU’s Blade movie as the latest screenwriter. Pizzolatto will reportedly be working off Michael Starrbury’s draft of the Blade script, and has been writing for some weeks already. But it’s a surprising turn of events since production starts very soon.

Why Nic Pizzolatto Joining Blade Is Huge: What The True Detective Creator Brings To Marvel

Pizzolatto joining Blade is a big deal for a number of reasons, as he will be reunited with Ali. The MCU actor starred in Pizzolatto’s critically acclaimed HBO series during season 3, which was one of the more beloved seasons. While True Detective season 2 was a step down for the series, season 3 is when it got back a lot of its critical buzz, with an 84% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s also worth noting that Pizzolatto is known to tend to write his own scripts and creations while taking considerable time to do so. In this case, the True Detectives creator is coming on board to help with the writing only a month out from production commencing. If the script is in need of significant rewrites, having only one month is not a lot of time. But for whatever reason, Pizzolatto is seemingly willing to join the MCU vampire adventure with very little time left, perhaps only fine-tuning things.

Hopefully, with Ali having Pizzolatto involved on the creative team, Blade will be able to start filming on time to make its 2024 release date. Given how long the Blade reboot has been stuck in development hell, any positive development like this helps the project get closer to being made. Time will tell what the MCU has in store for Blade as they get rolling shortly.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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