Michael Keaton’s Batman & Brandon Routh’s Superman Are The DC Team-Up We Need In New Fan Art


Michael Keaton’s Batman and Brandon Routh’s Superman become the World’s Finest in new DC fan art. For fans of Tim Burton’s Batman movies, this summer will be a big one as Keaton is reprising the role of Bruce Wayne in The Flash movie. For Keaton, it will be the first time since Batman Returns that he dons the iconic Batsuit as he takes part in the big DCEU multiverse adventure.

While Keaton’s return as Batman has already been garnering a lot of hype, fans are seemingly wanting more. One of them is digital artist spdrmnkyxxiii, who recently did a piece of fan art where Keaton’s Batman teams up with Routh’s Superman.

Routh was last seen portraying Superman during the Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. While his world was destroyed, the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths saw Routh’s Superman alive again on a restored version of Earth-96.

Why A Michael Keaton Batman & Brandon Routh Superman Team-Up Makes Sense

It makes sense why many would want to see Keaton’s Batman and Routh’s Superman team up in a DC project. While Christopher Reeve sadly passed away many years ago, Routh’s Superman is meant to be the same version as Reeve’s since Superman Returns served as a sequel to those films. Even when Reeve was still alive, a crossover with his Superman and Keaton’s Batman couldn’t happen due to the former’s tragic accident in 1995.

Routh’s Superman is beloved by so many because he is the last way of representing Reeve’s legacy. Even after Crisis on Infinite Earths, there were many who wanted to see Routh continue as the Man of Steel in his own standalone project. Interestingly enough, long after the crossover happened, DC Comics confirmed that Keaton’s and Reeve’s respective franchises do exist in the same world, meaning a crossover with Routh would actually be possible more now than ever.

Depending on how The Flash movie performs, there is always the chance that DC Studios makes an Elseworlds movie that could focus on Routh and Keaton’s iconic characters. That would be the best way of doing a crossover where the Silver Age versions of Batman and Superman come together for at least one proper team-up. Whether or not that ever happens remains to be seen, especially with the upcoming Superman and Batman reboots in the DC Universe.

Source: spdrmnkyxxiii/Instagram

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