Michelle Monaghan Faces Down Bloodthirsty Dog In Blood [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from #Blood, a new take on vampire lore starring Michelle Monaghan as a mother who must save her son.

Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive clip at the upcoming horror film, Blood. The thriller delves deep into the horrors faced by a mother when her child is gravely injured and ill, and the lengths she will go to in order to save him. The film stars Michelle Monaghan (Echoes, Gone Baby Gone), Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, June B. Wilde, Skylar Morgan Jones. Skeet Ulrich (Scream) also stars, returning to the genre that made him a household name. Blood will be in theaters on January 27 and On Demand on January 31.


Recently separated from her husband, Jess (Monaghan), decides to move her two children back into a family farmhouse. The family had only just settled in when her son Owen’s (Wojtak-Hissong) dog disappears into the forest for days. When he returns, the dog is blood-soaked and acting rabid, and attacks Owen. He quickly takes a turn for the worst, and Jess soon discovers the only chance of survival her son has is a shocking treatment. This single mother and nurse is pushed to the limit in a study of just how far one will go to save their child. Screen Rant is proud to present this exclusive clip from Blood.

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What To Expect From Blood

Terrifying vampire child in Blood trailer

In this exclusive clip presented by Screen Rant, Jess gives some sage advice to her son when his dog returns after days missing. Though she tells Owen not to get any closer, the boy also doesn’t move away, and the terrifying animal quickly pounces. Queue the pivotal scene of the film, when Owen is attacked and their lives are changed forever. Jess tries desperately to save her son, but the animal is strong and while she’s able to stop the dog from dragging Owen away, the animal quickly goes for Owen’s neck. Eventually, she is able to fight the animal off, but the damage has been done and the blood Owen is covered is only the first sign of the horror that is to come.

BLOOD - Theatrical Poster Web Size

The poster for Blood seems subtle, but gives a lot of detail. In the foreground is Jess, arms around her two children, setting the stage for the story of a mother who will do anything to protect them. Behind them, is an image of an apparently dead tree. The trailer for Blood establishes that whatever evil has caused these changes in the dog and then her son originated from this mysterious tree. The background gives a glimpse of a now-transformed Owen, with glowing red eyes that convey the danger he poses to all around him.

Blood appears to be taking a new and fresh take on vampire lore that has so captivated audiences since Bram Stoker first published Dracula in 1897. It’s only the latest entry into the horror genre that seems uniquely able to capture audiences and draw them to movie theaters still struggling to recover. Currently second at the box office is the story of an AI droll who goes too far to protect the child she’s bonded to, M3GAN. Blood will join another Vertical Entertainment release this month, Alone in the Dark, about a young woman who models sexy lingerie for an online audience, and discovers a masked intruder in her home when the cameras are turned off.

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Blood will be released by Vertical Entertainment in theaters on January 27, and On Demand on January 31.


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