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Obi-Wan Kenobi: the $$$ In the back of Superstar Wars

The film that began all of it, Superstar Wars (1977), used to be made on a modest finances of $11 million. George Lucas had a dream, a script, and a famous person forged, and made a sleeper hit—the OG film made $775 million on the field place of work! With that roughly luck, it’s no wonder that this epic sci-fi drama shot into hyperspace.

 🔥 Chime Trivialities: Superstar Wars exists as a result of one guy, George Lucas, dreamed of telling an epic sci-fi tale. That’s why it’s much more spectacular that it’s the second-highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, making $9.3 billion international. Any guesses on what’s primary? Drumroll, please… the Wonder Cinematic Universe! 

How A lot Did Disney Pay for Superstar Wars? 💰

So much. 

K, the true solution is a bit more sophisticated than that, nevertheless it’s unquestionably within the Billions, with a B. Preliminary reviews from 2012 advised us that, after a stagnant duration for the Superstar Wars franchise, George Lucas offered it to Disney for 4 billion greenbacks. However the true quantity is a lot more!

When George made the sale, he requested to be paid part in money and part in Disney inventory. Technically, the deal used to be 55% money/ 45% inventory, which means that Lucas pocketed $2.21 billion in money and gained 37,076,679 stocks of Disney inventory.

Since 2012, Disney inventory costs have accomplished what they do highest—develop. If we do the mathematics and suppose that George nonetheless owns all of that Disney inventory, his 37 million stocks are actually value a whopping $7.4 billion!

Jedi Thoughts Methods: How A lot Cash Is That? 🤯

Like comprehending how huge a Demise Superstar is, $4 billion isn’t a very easy quantity to digest. Right here’s a listing of items that equivalent the price of all the Superstar Wars franchise: 

Why Is Superstar Wars so treasured? ‍💸‍🚀

As a franchise, Superstar Wars is a lot more than the films that encourage and awe us. The immense price of the logo is supported via vending, occasions, and theme park points of interest along with the film field place of work. 

So sure, the newborn Yoda stuffies, the lovable BB-8 figures, and the huge fan occasions like Might the 4th and Superstar Wars Party are all a part of why Superstar Wars is so treasured. Subsequent time you wish to have to select up a lightsaber, you’ll pat your self at the again for contributing to the intergalactic financial system!

IRL Superstar Wars Cash Information 🤑

You understand the characters and lore, however Superstar Wars via the numbers is a brand new point of view that would possibly provide you with perception into how a ways this nice empire reaches!

  • We weren’t kidding about how large a Demise Superstar is. Getting sufficient metal to construct a real Demise Superstar would value roughly 852 quadrillion greenbacks! Don’t make us take into consideration what number of mansions shall we purchase with that. 
  • Leia’s gold bikini is as notorious as it’s iconic. In 2015, the unique gold bikini used to be offered at public sale for $96,000! So far as swimsuits cross, we’d say it’s at the pricier aspect. 
  • The usa fell in love with Child Yoda sooner than Han Solo made the Kessel run. That love is why financial analysts say that Disney could have overlooked out on round $2.7 million in earnings via now not having Child Yoda toys able for Christmas 2019. That’s numerous Child Yoda stuffies.
  • It’s arduous to believe somebody rather than Harrison Ford taking part in artful Han Solo. However do you know he used to be simplest paid $10,000 for his function within the first Superstar Wars movie? Although issues appear to be getting higher for him—his present web value is round $230 million.
  • To carry Yoda to lifestyles for The Empire Moves Again (1980), the manufacturing crew wanted 4 other puppets of the sensible, inexperienced grasp, in conjunction with skilled particular results groups and puppeteers. No surprise the movie’s preliminary finances ballooned from $18 million to $33 million! 




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