Paul Walker’s Daughter Teases Debut Cameo In Fast X BTS Image


Paul Walker’s daughter shares a Fast X behind-the-scenes image previewing her cameo appearance. Walker made his own debut as the undercover LAPD police officer-turned-outlaw, Brian O’Conner, in 2001’s The Fast and the Furious and returned as one of the franchise’s lead stars alongside Vin Diesel, starring in five sequels before his untimely death in 2013 due to a single-car crash. In Fast X, Brian will reappear via flashbacks to the Rio heist from Fast Five, though Paul won’t be the only Walker appearing in the film.


On Instagram, Meadow Walker shared a BTS image previewing her cameo ahead of Fast X‘s release date later this month. Check it out below:

Based on the BTS image, Meadow Walker’s cameo appears to take place on a plane, though virtually nothing else is known about her character, including if she is related to Brian. This marks Meadow Walker’s first onscreen appearance. In the post’s caption, the daughter of the late Fast & Furious star explained how her cameo came to be and thanked director Louis Leterrier, alluding to how he will also direct Fast & Furious 11.

Every Fast X Cameo To Expect

The Fast X cast is the biggest the action franchise has ever assembled, with Jason Momoa and Brie Larson being two big additions. However, there will also be a number of cameos, some of which have been teased with others largely kept under wraps. Fast X‘s post-credits scene reportedly includes a major guest cameo, with the leading candidate being the return of Gal Gadot as Gisele, who was seemingly killed off in Fast & Furious 6. According to reports, Gadot filmed a scene for Fast X and appeared in an early version of the film screened for test audiences.

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With Paul Walker himself returning in Fast X via flashbacks to Fast Five, the late Fast & Furious star could also be counted among the movie’s cameos, which makes his daughter Meadow’s appearance all the more heartwarming. Since Walker’s death, the Fast & Furious franchise has continued to honor both the late star and his character, Brian, who remains alive in the story. How Fast X continues to pay touching tribute to Walker with his daughter’s cameo remains to be seen.

Source: Meadow Walker/Instagram

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