Piggy Horror Film Clip Showcases Terrifying Depth Of Bullying [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant presents an exclusive terrifying clip from Carlota Pereda’s feature directorial debut, the Spanish-French horror film Piggy.

Screen Rant is thrilled to present an exclusive, bone-chilling new clip from the Spanish-French horror movie Piggy. The movie follows Sara (Laura Galán), an overweight girl who lives in rural Spain. Sara is tormented by the thin popular girls in town, both in person and online, as they call her a multitude of nicknames. Their favorite, “Piggy,” is inspired by both her weight and her parents’ butcher shop. However, one day Sara watches as her bullies are abducted by a mysterious man who shows her a moment of kindness.


Sara is faced with a horrifying dilemma: help her abusers or simply walk away as they scream for help. Sara chooses the latter, which cascades into town-wide horror, suspicion, and guilt. Piggy, a testament to how cruelty can affect the world, leads Sara on the intriguing path of an antihero as she transitions from victim to unexpected accomplice, and finally something entirely different. 2022 had an impressive slate of horror movies, and Piggy adds an enticing new voice to the genre with Carlota Pereda’s feature debut.

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More About Piggy

Piggy Laura Galán Richard Holmes

Screen Rant’s exclusive clip is the opening of the cataclysmic events that change everything for Sara. While at the pool in an attempt to escape the heat, Sara is once again ridiculed by the popular girls, including her once-friend Claudia. The girls mock Sara as an older man leaves the pool, but take it one step further. They use a pool net to force Sara back underwater while she begs Claudia for help. Once Sara finally escapes back underwater, it seems that this moment of terror is over, but in truth, it has only just begun as Sara unknowingly swims past the corpse of a lifeguard in the murky pool.

In a world of remakes and horror franchises, Piggy is an excitingly original idea. Pereda adapts her award-winning short film of the same name into an intense and unique narrative that mixes psychological thriller, grindhouse slasher, revenge fantasy, and coming of age. Sara builds an unsettling connection with the killer as he shows her kindness after she has only known humiliation. The exclusive clip shows only a momentary glimpse into the psychological and physical abuse she has suffered, and when those that subjected her to this daily torture are in desperate need of help, Sara shows them the same amount of empathy they offered her at the pool where they were taken.

The acclaimed 2022 horror movie takes an interesting look at bullying and how it affects a person as Sara is torn between helping the police find her peers and seeking revenge through the actions of a stranger. Piggy earned critical acclaim and multiple awards in 2022. Piggy is written and directed by Carlota Pereda, with a runtime of 99 minutes.

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Piggy will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand by Magnolia Home Entertainment on January 10.


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