Pixar Introduces A Slew Of New Characters In Colorful & Exciting Elemental Poster


Pixar has released a new poster for Elemental, revealing a slew of new characters and providing a glimpse at a train ride through the Element City. Directed by Peter Sohn, Elemental follows Ember (Leah Lewis) and Wade (Mamoudou Athie), who live in a city comprised of residents who fall into one of four different elements: air, fire, land, and water. Although their elemental differences are easy to see on the surface, the two characters eventually realize that they have a lot in common.

Ahead of Elemental‘s release date this summer, Pixar has now released a new poster for the film that teases more of Elemental City and its inhabitants. Check out the new poster below:

The colorful and lively poster features Ember and Wade in the center with earth, air, and water elementals surrounding them in a cramped train car. The digital display board in the train car reads: “Next Stop: Element City,” teasing that this is only just a taste of what’s to come.

What The New Elemental Poster Reveals About The Movie

The latest poster essentially hammers home many of the aspects of the film that were first shown off in the full Elemental trailer. The poster further establishes that Ember and Wade and their evolving, boundary-pushing relationship will be at the center of the story, but also teases the film’s wacky supporting characters. In classic Pixar fashion, each supporting character features a unique and memorable appearance, and the poster also provides hints about their individual personas.

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The poster also further teases that the main method of transportation around Element City will be trains. It’s on these trains that the four different elements are forced to coexist and mingle in a confined space, which is seemingly where all of their major differences will be especially apparent. The Elemental trailer, after all, features a scene in which Ember tries to make her way through a train car but accidentally touches an earth element, setting his leafy outer shell ablaze.

Finally, the latest Elemental poster also affirms that, visually, Pixar is doing something a little different with its upcoming movie. While certainly recognizable as a Pixar film, Elemental features an animation and art style that is unlike anything the studio has attempted before, boasting unique character designs and a colorful, bustling world.

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