Stephen King On Film Documentary Clip Features Frequent King Adaptation Director


A clip from an upcoming Stephen King documentary features a frequent King adaptation director. The author known as the King of Horror is one of the most prolific of all time, having written a total of 65 books and approximately 200 short stories to date. In 1976, Brian de Palma directed Carrie, an adaptation of King’s debut novel, and ever since, his stories have been a favorite in Hollywood. Over the years, 50 directors have adapted his works into more than 80 films and TV series, making King the most adapted author alive.


The upcoming documentary, Stephen King on Screen, will explore the life of the famous author through the perspective of the filmmakers who have adapted his work. The first look at the documentary was revealed by GamesRadar+ with a clip featuring frequent King adaptation director, Mike Flanagan. In the clip, Flanagan discusses King’s “knack for writing terrific female characters,” as well as the impact of women in the author’s own life. Read a portion of Flanagan’s comments or click below to watch the clip:

If you listen to him talk about Tabitha and you realize that she pulled the manuscript of Carrie out of the trashcan when he threw it in there in complete despair; when you imagine her being the first set of eyes on one of his stories and getting him that first critical feedback… it’s very easy to see where he gets a lot of that fortitude and mettle that his heroines have.

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What To Expect From Stephen King on Screen

As revealed by the clip, the Stephen King on Screen documentary will feature insight from one of the biggest King aficionados alive – Mike Flanagan. Among his many horror works, Flanagan adapted two of King’s books for the big screen – 2017’s Gerald’s Game and 2019’s Doctor Sleep. Flanagan is also currently working on a television adaptation of what many consider to be King’s magnum opus, his Dark Tower series, which may or may not air on Prime Video. Flanagan is also set to direct a film adaptation of The Life Of Chuck starring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Hamill.

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In addition to Flanagan, the documentary also features appearances from other filmmakers and actors with experience adapting King’s work to the screen. This includes Frank Darabont, Tim Curry, Tom Holland, James Caan, Mick Garris, and Greg Nicotero. Based on its title and impressive list of stars, Stephen King on Screen is set to pull back the curtain on the many adaptations of the author’s works from the filmmakers and actors who actually made them. The Stephen King documentary is set to release in theaters this summer.

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