Superhero Fans Drag New DC Actor For Not Knowing His Comic Book Movie History


Xolo Maridueña, star of DC’s Blue Beetle, has been criticized due to the actor’s perceived lack of comic book movie history knowledge. Blue Beetle is in a complicated position due to the fickle state of DC’s movies from the old DCEU that have yet to be released before the studio can move in a new direction with the rebooted DC Universe under James Gunn and Peter Safran. Blue Beetle has a chance of continuing in the new DC Universe if the film is successful, especially since the film appears to be largely disconnected from other DC projects.

Maridueña plays Blue Beetle‘s Jaime Reyes, the young man who gets mixed up with an alien scarab and gets powers and an alien suit of armor, fighting criminals as an incarnation of the DC superhero Blue Beetle. While talking at CinemaCon about what makes his character stand out, Maridueña said that he thinks Jaime is “the only person ever to get superpowers and not want them.” That statement is not true, as the plot point is common to many superheroes, be it from Marvel, DC, or other comic book companies. Some superhero fans took to Twitter to voice their criticism of Maridueña’s comment. Check out several reactions below:

Blue Beetle Has The Chance To See Great Success Or Fail Spectacularly

DC’s Blue Beetle marks the first time the character will be seen on the big screen, with the Jaime Reyes version of the hero being a fairly recent addition to the comics. Jaime debuted in 2006, quickly becoming an interesting addition to the DC Universe, providing a unique approach due to his relationship with the talking scarab that would become one with the teenager, transforming Jaime into Blue Beetle. This version of the DC hero is only the third to bear the mantle, with previous Blue Beetles including Ted Kord and the original, Dan Garrett.

Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle being a fairly recent creation is a double-edged sword for the movie. On the one hand, the character is part of a new generation of DC heroes, with constant appearances in animations that have helped usher in a fresh era of stories. On the other hand, due to being a fairly recent creation and most of Jaime’s adventures in other media beyond the comics taking place in the animated realm, the hero is less of a household name, which could impact the movie’s performance heavily.

Another factor that needs to be considered is how Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle compares to other superheroes in the cinematic space. Blue Beetle could very well evolve into a money-making machine for DC due to the character possessing some similarities to Spider-Man, which could help get a new audience invested in the franchise. However, the film’s trailers have heavily focused on Jaime’s family, an aspect that the cast and crew have said to be crucial to the film. Recently, the family-oriented Shazam! Fury of the Gods bombed at the box office, which could happen to Blue Beetle.

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