Teacher Says Teaching Critical Race Theory Is ‘Hyper-Raced Focused,’ Dividing America


“If you’re wondering whether or not critical race theory is a good thing for our country, start speaking against it and see how people treat you, because that’s when the real racism starts,” says Kali. Kali, a high school teacher, says she was teaching in California, but when she was asked to teach Critical Race Theory – which she doesn’t agree with – she moved to Florida. “It is dividing America based on race, and it’s hyper-raced focused,” Kali continues. “Whenever you see hyper-race focus, you’re going to see racism along with it.” In the video above, Kali engages in a lively conversation with Dr. Luke Wood, Professor of Education at San Diego State University where he teaches critical race theory and believes it can help children. Are kids too young to learn about critical race theory? Should it be forced, or should it be an elective? On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Critical Race Theory,” Dr. Phil and his guests, including parents, debate whether critical race theory should be taught in schools. Check local listings to see where you can watch.


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