The Little Mermaid Remake’s First Clip Reveals Iconic Ariel Scene in Live-Action


The first clip from Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid live-action film has brought an iconic moment from the original 1989 animated movie to life. Starring Halle Bailey as the titular Ariel, the live-action film is a remake of a beloved Disney classic, which follows a young mermaid who longs to explore the human world, and eventually does so by making a deal with a sea witch to trade her voice for legs in the place of her tail. The animated musical’s score and soundtrack, created by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, earned two Academy Awards and remains beloved to this day.

Bailey’s recording of one of the original film’s most memorable songs, “Part of Your World,” was released in April, generating more hype for the upcoming remake. Now, Disney has released the first clip from the live-action Little Mermaid remake, showing Bailey’s performance as Ariel during the aforementioned musical moment. See the clip below:

The brief clip shows pairs Bailey’s vocal and acting talents with a dreamy underwater set, complete with Ariel’s many treasures and shots that mirror the 1989 film’s animation. The actor nails Ariel’s wide-eyed curiosity and hope, further established in the lyrics, and her appearance offers the best look yet at the live-action Disney princess.

How The Little Mermaid 2023 Can Set Itself Apart From Other Remakes

Ashman and Menken’s original soundtrack went a long way in cementing The Little Mermaid as a much-adored Disney classic, with tunes such as “Under the Sea,” “Kiss the Girl,” and of course, “Part of Your World” remaining among the most iconic of Disney’s lengthy repertoire. While the new movie will contain songs co-written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, it will include much of the original soundtrack, appealing to fans of the 1989 film as well as the new generation of movie musical fans.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response to the newly released clip from The Little Mermaid 2023, the film is being released in a sea of live-action remakes by Disney, which may lead some to wonder how it will set itself apart. The new “Part of Your World” clip is further proof that the new movie will walk the line between nostalgia and offering an updated take on the original, with Bailey’s Ariel displaying an even more palpable sense of childlike wonder than her animated counterpart, adding to the ballad’s power.

As the remake’s release date looms closer, it’s possible that Disney will offer more glimpses into the live-action movie, perhaps even releasing another highly-anticipated clip such as Sebastian actor Daveed Diggs’ rendition of “Under the Sea.” While creating a remake can be an uphill battle, the use of Hamilton star Diggs, experienced musician Bailey, and others involved in the film both behind and in front of the camera show that Disney is committed to creating a unique and joyful viewing experience with The Little Mermaid.

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