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After a long delay, a Warrior season 3 trailer has finally arrived. Based on the writings of the legendary Bruce Lee, the show is set in 1870s San Francisco during the violent Tong Wars and follows the skilled martial artist, Ah Sahm, who emigrates from China in search of his missing sister, Mai Ling, but ends up being betrayed and sold to one of the most powerful tongs in Chinatown. After airing its first two seasons on Cinemax, Warrior moved to HBO Max when it was renewed for season 3. However, that news came more than two years ago.

Now, after an unbearably long wait, HBO Max has finally unveiled the first teaser trailer for Warrior season 3. Check it out below:

At under 15 seconds long, the Warrior season 3 trailer showcases plenty of thrilling martial arts action that fans have come to expect from the show. Additionally, the trailer reveals a June 29 premiere date for season 3.

What To Expect From Warrior Season 3

Warrior season 3 picks up following the race riots that ransacked Chinatown and drastically changed the playing field in season 2. Meanwhile, Mai Ling expertly employs her political connections to consolidate power and, at the same time, Ah Sahm and the Hop Wei Tong must adapt and find alternative methods to survive. All in all, Warrior season 3 will likely continue exploring the consequences of Mai Ling’s rise to power and Hop Wei’s efforts to maintain their position. If one thing is for certain with Warrior season 3 – there will be bloodshed.

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Warrior built a respectable fan base on Cinemax for its gritty and exciting martial arts action, but after essentially disappearing for two years, it’s unclear if the show’s following has stuck around. But by moving to HBO Max (soon to be Max), the show will now be able to reach a bigger audience than before. The wait won’t be too long, as Warrior season 3 premieres with two new episodes on Max this summer.

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