Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock Getting Arrested By The TVA Art Imagines How Venom Could Return To The MCU


A new piece of fan art sees a crossover between Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the art showing Tom Hardy’s Venom getting arrested by Loki‘s Time Variance Authority. Hardy’s Eddie Brock already paid the MCU a visit, with the character being transported to the MCU in Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s post-credits scene. However, the trip was cut short due to Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s ending, with Doctor Strange’s spell sending the character back before Eddie could interact with any MCU superheroes, such as the long-awaited meeting between his Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

On Instagram, digital artist VENOMHOLOGY shared fan art imagining how Hardy’s Eddie Brock could return to the MCU, with his character being arrested by the TVA.

The TVA was introduced in Disney+’s Loki series when Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief was arrested for messing with the sacred timeline. The TVA is responsible for pruning timelines that branch off from the main timeline to create a multiverse – though the ending of Loki season 1 saw the creation of the multiverse. The TVA’s role could still put the organization after Hardy’s Venom, due to the character hopping from the SSU to the MCU and back again.

Why Tom Hardy’s Venom Has To Return To The MCU

The TVA would provide an easy explanation for Hardy’s MCU return as Venom. Audiences were excited about the potential that one of Marvel’s greatest villains/anti-heroes could have a role in the MCU, and Hardy’s performance as the character has seen overwhelmingly positive reception, with strong box office numbers despite mostly poor critic reviews.

Spider-Man: No Way Home immediately undoing Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘s post-credits scene and sending the character away from the MCU was a big mistake. Marvel teased that Holland’s Spider-Man will don the fan-favorite Symbiote Suit in the MCU’s future by showing that a part of Venom stayed behind in the MCU after Eddie was sent back to his universe. But the rivalry between the two characters needs to be properly adapted on the big screen.

Hardy’s Venom has to return to the MCU so he can finally go up against Holland’s Spider-Man. Eddie is already aware of Spider-Man and was on his way to meet him before being sent back by Doctor Strange’s spell. Venom can appear in Avengers: Secret Wars, the upcoming MCU crossover event film that will serve as the final chapter of the Multiverse Saga. In the comics, the original Secret Wars event was where Spider-Man first came into contact with the Symbiote. The MCU could adapt that, with Hardy’s Venom being brought in to stop the multiverse from collapsing and reabsorbing the part of Venom that stayed behind in the MCU.

Source: VENOMHOLOGY/Instagram

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