Tom Hardy’s Venom Teams Up With Kraven To Hunt Tom Holland’s Spider-Man In Marvel Movie Fan Trailer


Tom Hardy’s Venom and Aaron Taylor-Johnson form an alliance as they go after Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in a new Kraven the Hunter fan trailer. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is continuing as they bring in more iconic characters from the Spider-Man mythology. The next character to make their way from page to screen is Kraven the Hunter, as Taylor-Johnson gets another shot at playing a famous Marvel player. Kraven the Hunter is nearly five months away from releasing in theaters as Sony Pictures recently began marketing the film after debuting the first piece of footage at CinemaCon.


While there is still a lot of mystery surrounding Kraven the Hunter, fans are continuing to imagine the Marvel character’s place in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Screen Culture recently debuted a new Kraven the Hunter fan trailer as a proof of concept for Taylor-Johnson’s movie.

The Kraven the Hunter fan trailer sees the titular anti-hero coming into contact with Hardy’s Venom as they set their eyes on a common enemy: Holland’s Spider-Man. The footage serves as a crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Peter Parker is seen donning the Symbiote suit after the setup in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Will Spider-Man Actually Be In Kraven The Hunter?

At CinemaCon, the footage that was shown for Kraven the Hunter confirmed that he would be facing off with the iconic Spider-Man foe, Rhino. The film is also set to introduce another member of Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery, Chameleon, while the web-slinger is still nowhere to be seen. Ever since Venom, the franchise has been ambiguous about whether or not the web crawler actually exists in the universe.

But with so many Spider-Man villains in Kraven the Hunter, it begs the question if the Marvel-Sony film might be getting ready to introduce the hero in some capacity. Interestingly enough, Holland mentioned in 2021 that he had pitched Spider-Man appearing in Kraven the Hunter to Amy Pascal, who is one of the top producers of the film. Whether it would be Holland or a new actor playing Spider-Man, it would be fitting for Kraven the Hunter to finally establish the hero’s place in Sony’s franchise.

Given that the franchise’s name is Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, it is almost getting ridiculous at this point that the character has yet to take part in any of the past films. Kraven the Hunter could, at the very least, confirm Spider-Man’s existence through something as simple as a reference, whether it be visually or through name-dropping. Hopefully, when Kraven the Hunter arrives in theaters this fall, the movie will make some progression on solving the Spider-Man mystery.

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