Where Smart Hospitality Companies Are Investing in 2023


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Discover what’s happening now in hotel investment in a conversation with one of the industry’s leading investor groups.

In this episode of the Skift Travel Podcast, Ankur Randev, chief commercial officer of Highgate, discusses the current hospitality investment climate with Skift senior research analyst Pranavi Agarwal.

The conversation covers topics such as the uncertain lending and investing activity, the luxury segment, advanced revenue management capabilities, and Highgate’s European expansion and investment in complex investments. They also discuss the blending of the hotel and short-term rental space, and the new type of demand that is arising from it.

  • Randev discusses Highgate’s interest in the luxury and lifestyle segment and how the company plans to acquire more properties in this space.
  • He explains Highgate’s advanced revenue management capabilities and how it has helped increase average daily rates and return on investments in luxury hotels.
  • Randev talks about the blending of hotel and short-term rental spaces and the new type of demand that is arising from it, which Highgate is also exploring.

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