Why did fans boo Bianca Belair?


Both Bianca Belair and IYO SKY got tremendous reaction at WWE Backlash 2023 as soon as their entrance music blasted through the speakers of Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot. However, the crowd reaction shifted heavily in favor of the DAMAGE CTRL member as the match progressed.

Bianca Belair got heavily booed by the crowd at WWE Backlash. A possible explanation for the polarizing reaction to the champion can be IYO SKY’s incredible popularity in Puerto Rico. Another reason could be that fans are fed up with Belair’s lengthy title reign and wanted to see a new winner at the Premium Live Event.

IYO SKY had the momentum in her corner for the most part of the match at WWE Backlash 2023. The DAMAGE CTRL star worked to destroy Bianca Belair’s insane core strength by constantly targeting her abdomen with brutal strikes.

Bianca’s strength was on full display at WWE Backlash as she picked up her opponent effortlessly. The champ then lifted IYO over her shoulders with one arm. The E.S.T. apparently failed to slam her opponent on her abdomen as IYO SKY reversed the move to land the champion on her face.

Later on during the match, IYO hit a picture perfect moonsault from the top of turnbuckle to the outside. Bayley and Dakota Kai tried to interfere but the referee caught them redhanded in their action. IYO missed her moonsault and got hit by the K.O.D. from Bianca to end the match.

Bianca Belair to move to SmackDown after WWE Backlash 2023

The E.S.T. was drafted to RAW in a shocking announcement by Triple H as part of the WWE Draft 2023. The champion was the third overall pick in the draft that took place two weeks ago on SmackDown. Bianca’s husband Montez Ford was also drafted to the blue brand along with Angelo Dawkins.

Bianca appeared in a pre-taped promo wherein she said she was excited to return to SmackDown. The E.S.T. reminded the fans that SmackDown was the place that started her journey to world title glory. The draft will go into effect after Backlash.


It remains to be seen how Triple H will book Bianca’s run after WWE Backlash 2023.

Are you happy that the E.S.T. retained her title? Let us know in the comments!

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