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YouTube Music Selects Noor Chahal, Kayan for Foundry Class of 2022: All Details

YouTube Music has announced the list of selected artists for the Foundry Class of 2022. Two Indian independent artists, Noor Chahal and Kayan, are among 30 artists selected from across genres and continents. Foundry is YouTube’s incubator for independent artists. It was created back in 2015, and has since helped several artists at all stages of their careers, according to the company. As part of the Foundry Class of 2022, Noor Chahal and Kayan will receive funding to create and launch new music.

List of selected artists under YouTube Foundry Class of 2022 has been announced. It includes two artists from India, Noor Chahal and Kayan. In total, YouTube has selected 30 independent artists from across genres and continents. As selected independent artists, Noor Chahal and Kayan will receive funding and support to create and release new music under the programme.

Foundry was created in 2015 as YouTube’s incubator for independent music to support indie artists at all stages of their careers with annual development classes and ongoing release support campaigns, the company added. The programme has been designed for independent artists. It provides them partner strategy support, marketing promotion, and seed funding artists need for creating music.

Pawan Agarwal, Director, Music Partnerships (India & South Asia) at YouTube, said, “Foundry gives independent artists a springboard to success and we’re excited to support such emerging artists and reduce barriers along their journey.”

Apart from India, YouTube’s 2022 Foundry class includes artists from the US, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Artists in genres such as country, afropop, soul, latin urban, and more have been included in the list. YouTube has also created a playlist titled Foundry Class of 2022 that includes one song from each artist.

On being selected for the Foundry Class of 2022, Noor Chahal said, “I see Foundry helping my music reach new people and ensure that my potential does not go undiscovered or unacknowledged. Every independent artist needs a push like that and I am nothing but grateful to YouTube for this opportunity.”

Seedhe Maut, Delhi-based rap duo, were part of YouTube’s Foundry Class of 2021. On this year’s Foundry Class, the duo said, “Being selected as part of Foundry gave us the opportunity to expand our vision and share our music with a wider community. YouTube as a platform has been exponential in sharing our work and connecting with more people across the globe.”

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