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Beverly Hills Cop 4 Set Photo Reveals More Original Movie Characters

Those excited for Axel Foley’s return are getting better news as John Ashton’s Taggart and Judge Reinhold’s Rosewood are back in a new Beverly Hills Cop 4 set photo. The first Beverly Hills Cop movie saw Eddie Murphy’s street-wise detective have run-ins with Taggart and Rosewood as he investigated the murder of his childhood friend, with the two initially tasked with keeping him from looking into the case, though ultimately coming around to help him. The sequels would see Ashton and Reinhold’s Beverly Hills PD detectives become friends with Axel and help him in subsequent investigations, including the attempted murder of their Captain, Ronny Cox’s Andrew Bogomil.


Plot details for Beverly Hills Cop 4, now titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, are currently unknown, though Eddie Murphy is confirmed to be returning to lead the cast of the action-comedy sequel. Joining the Oscar-nominated comedian are original star Paul Reiser, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zola‘s Taylour Paige, with Mark Molloy taking over the reins on the project from Batgirl‘s Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who left to focus on the now-shelved DC Extended Universe movie. With the cast now assembled, production kicked off on Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley earlier this month and now audiences are getting an exciting update on what to expect.

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As filming continues on the long-awaited sequel, Twitter user David Stokes shared a new Beverly Hills Cop 4 set photo. The image revealed that Taggart and Rosewood are getting back in the action for the upcoming film, joining both Eddie Murphy and Paul Reiser as original characters. Check out the set photo below:

News of Taggart and Rosewood’s returns for Beverly Hills Cop 4 is sure to come as an exciting update for fans of the Eddie Murphy-led franchise given their importance in the original films. Interestingly, while Reinhold appeared in all three original Beverly Hills Cop movies, Ashton couldn’t return for the critically maligned Beverly Hills Cop III due to delays in its development causing scheduling conflicts with another project he was working on, forcing him to back out. His part in the film would be re-written for Héctor Elizondo’s Jon Flint, with the in-movie explanation that Taggart had retired and moved to Phoenix.

Unlike Ashton, Ronny Cox, who played Bogomil in the first two movies, turned down the opportunity to return for the threequel, with both a scheduling conflict and the script leaving him disinterested in returning. With Taggart and Rosewood now confirmed to be returning for Beverly Hills Cop 4 alongside Murphy and Reiser, it will be interesting to see if Cox will also come back for an appearance in the film, or if it will properly address his absence, unlike Beverly Hills Cop III. While audiences await further details for the sequel, they can revisit the original Beverly Hills Cop trilogy streaming on Paramount+ now.

Source: David Stokes/Twitter

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