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The Way of Water Pitch Meeting


Screen Rant’s own Pitch meeting series heads to Pandora to take down Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron’s long-awaited sci-fi adventure sequel.

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water becomes the target of the latest episode in Screen Rant‘s Pitch Meeting series. After over 10 years of development and production, audiences are finally heading back to the alien planet of Pandora and catching up with Jake Sully and his family, wife Neytiri and children Kiri, Neteyam, Lo’ak, Tuktirey and Spider. Once again led by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña, Avatar: The Way of Water has scored generally positive reviews from critics and has gotten a strong start at the box office, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some detractors of the film.


A week after the sequel finally made its way to theaters, Screen Rant‘s Pitch Meeting series has set its sights on Avatar: The Way of Water. The video pokes fun at the extended wait for Cameron’s return to the alien planet of Pandora, the various plot conveniences to make way for a sequel, and its tonal inconsistencies. Check out the funny new episode below:

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How Avatar 2 Compares To The First Movie

Sigourney Weaver in Avatar The Way of Water

Critics have remained generally positive in their reviews on Avatar: The Way of Water, though the film has seen a slight step down in its Rotten Tomatoes score in comparison to its predecessor, sitting at a 78 percent approval rating in comparison to the 2009 film’s 82 percent. Much like Cameron’s original film, most reviews have showered praise upon the film’s technical advancements in depicting both the world of Pandora and the Indigenous race known as the Na’vi, especially with its high frame rate. However, Avatar: The Way of Water has been met with some criticisms for its 192-minute runtime, a full 30 minutes longer than the original, and for its generally basic plot and lackluster writing, a critique its predecessor similarly faced.

More important than reviews to many, however, is how Avatar: The Way of Water is performing at the box office, considering Cameron’s original movie sits as the highest-grossing film of all-time. The sci-fi adventure sequel has gotten off to a strong start, opening to over $441.7 million worldwide, albeit falling short of its projected $150 million domestic opening. Though the film was expected to continue strong through the rest of the holiday season, projections for Christmas weekend have pointed towards Avatar: The Way of Water falling short of Top Gun: Maverick, another film which took a memorably long time to finally come to theaters and proved a surprise critical and commercial hit upon its May release, but is only getting a brief re-release in comparison to Cameron’s wide release.

Can Avatar 3 Keep The Franchise Alive?

Kate Winslet in Avatar The Way of Water

While eyes may currently be on the first of the planned sequels, many have already taken to wondering whether Avatar 3 can successfully keep the franchise alive. Cameron has previously confirmed that should Avatar: The Way of Water bomb at the box office, of which he says it would need to be in the top eight highest-grossing movies of all-time to break even, he could rewrite the threequel to close out the franchise. Considering the newest installment used up nearly half of the planned $1 billion for all four Avatar sequels, the next film will need to be just as successful as the first two to keep the franchise alive.

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