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Who Will Win The Royal Rumble? “That Person Should Be Sami Zayn”


The Royal Rumble is on January 28, and WWE fans are aching to know who will win. There’s been a groundswell of Sami Zayn’s support on the men’s side.

The Royal Rumble is right around the corner, and at least one longtime WWE insider believes that it should be Sami Zayn who wins the men’s event. As fans who have been tuning into Raw and SmackDown over the last several months know, the ongoing Bloodline saga is one of the best long-term pro wrestling stories in recent memory. The Trial of Sami Zayn segment stole the spotlight during the Raw is 30-anniversary show, placing even more emphasis on how ridiculously over The Honorary Uce is with crowds. Even standing in Roman Reigns’ long shadow, audiences are clearly cheering for Sami Zayn.


Due to this, Dave Meltzer thinks that the 38-year-old should be the one who wins the Royal Rumble. In the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he wrote the following: “Unless they can convince an outsider, like Austin, John Cena or Johnson to do the surprise appearance and win, and Cena is on the show but shot backstage angles for Austin Theory, then you’d go with a full-timer. And really, unless it’s Johnson, that person should be Sami Zayn.” Meltzer notes that, while Sami isn’t as hot as Daniel Bryan was in 2014, he is “at this point stronger than Kofi Kingston,” who in 2019 was given a title run due in large part to overwhelming fan support.

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Should & Will Are Two Different Things For Sami Zayn

Roman Reigns embraces Sami Zayn following a tense Bloodline segment in 2022.

Professional wrestling history is littered with the words “could have” and “should have.” Leaning on the example of Kofi Kingston a bit more, he should have had a more meaningful championship reign than the one he got. Yet that isn’t how WWE booked things. The company valued Brock Lesnar’s star power more than Kingston’s fan support, leading him to lose the title in seven seconds on SmackDown. Triple H is not Vince McMahon—especially regarding booking—but he still has to do what’s best for business. Put a different way: is Sami Zayn main eventing WrestleMania 39 what is best for WWE’s business? If the company hasn’t picked the Royal Rumble winner yet, then the odds seem good that this is the conversation they’re having internally.

Here’s the thing, though. WWE is already selling tickets to the Showcase of the Immortals hand over first. Fans aren’t waiting to see who will be in the main event of night two before buying their way into the show. In fact, the company bragged about WrestleMania 39 breaking WWE’s all-time gate record for any version of the event despite no matches being announced in a press release. That’s not to suggest that Triple H should take the booking of ‘Mania lightly because the tickets are already sold. Instead, it seems safe to assume that fans who flocked to these expensive tickets upon release will be more of the hardcore variety. And those are the people who are going to want to see Sami Zayn win the most.

If The Rock turns out to be available and the not-in-shape line was a work, then having him win the Royal Rumble makes sense. It wouldn’t be the preferred ending to The Bloodline saga, but that’s always the finale WWE had in mind. Operating under the assumption that Johnson isn’t available, however, Sami Zayn feels like the right choice to go on to main event WrestleMania. It’s a development few in WWE could have seen coming, but that’s what makes professional wrestling so fun. It’s a living, breathing weekly show, and in this instance, fans (and insiders like Dave Meltzer) have taken Sami Zayn’s side.

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