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Scream 6 Synopsis Reveals Most Ghostfaces Yet & Ortega Final Girl Status


The official Scream 6 synopsis supports the Sam as Ghostface theories and reveals there will be three masked Ghostface killers in total.

The official Scream 6 synopsis has been unveiled, and it includes multiple reveals. A direct sequel to 2022’s Scream and the sixth overall installment in the slasher franchise, Scream 6 follows the survivors of the latest Ghostface killings as they leave Woodsboro behind to begin a new chapter of their lives in New York City but are inevitably hunted by a new Ghostface killer. The returning cast is led by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, who plays sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter. However, the franchise’s famous final girl, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), did not return for the first time in the franchise’s history.


Now, the official Scream 6 synopsis has been unveiled, revealing more plot details about the upcoming slasher sequel. Per Alamo Drafthouse‘s website, the Scream 6 synopsis begins by referring to Jenna Ortega’s Tara as the new “final girl” and reveals that her sister Sam will pretend to be Ghostface. The plot synopsis also reveals there will be a total of three Ghostface killers in the sequel. Read the full Scream 6 synopsis below:

“As the survivors of the recent attack in Woodsboro travel to New York City for college, Tara, our final girl, begins to experience manic psychological breakdowns while seeing the ghosts of past killers. Meanwhile, her sister, Sam, attempts to manipulate her by pretending to be Ghostface. But when their plan goes wrong, three new masked killers appear on the scene, leaving the question of who will survive and who will be the final victim left to be answered.”

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Scream 6 Synopsis Supports Sam As Ghostface Theories

Sam holds the Ghostface mask in Scream 6

Ever since Sam Carpenter was revealed as Billy Loomis’ daughter in 2022’s Scream, she has been a strong candidate to be behind the Ghostface mask, a theory that didn’t pan out to be true in the last movie. The Scream 6 trailer featured a shot of Sam clutching a Ghostface mask while discussing the darkness inside her that followed her from Woodsboro to New York. This, along with some more subtle details, has reignited the Sam as Ghostface theories all over again.

Now, the Scream 6 synopsis further supports the Sam as Ghostface theories, outright revealing that she will pretend to be Ghostface in the upcoming sequel. However, based on the synopsis, it seems that Sam suiting up as Ghostface is an underhanded attempt at helping her sister overcome her manic psychological breakdowns, which include seeing the ghosts of past killers. Unsurprisingly, the plan ends up going horribly wrong and results in three new masked killers arriving on the scene. The presence of multiple Ghostface killers was teased by the Scream 6 trailer, which showed a Ghostface shrine with multiple costumes and a subway scene involving more than one masked killer.

Scream 6 May Just Be The Wildest Movie Yet

Melissa Barrera as Sam pointing a gun up in Scream 6

No matter the identity of the multiple Ghostface killers or who survives the whole bloody affair, Scream 6 has a chance to be the slasher franchise’s wildest installment yet. While previous Scream movies have seen two co-conspirators donning the suit, three masked killers is a first for the franchise. The Scream 6 trailer’s bodega scene also showed how the new killers aren’t afraid to use methods considered untraditional for Ghostface, such as wielding a shotgun. In light of the bonkers Scream 6 synopsis, the upcoming sequel could be the franchise’s wildest yet when it releases in theaters on March 10.

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