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The Flash Movie Merch Reveals Full Dark Flash & New Barry Allen Suit


New merchandise for the upcoming The Flash movie reveals a full proper look at Dark Flash as well as confirms another new suit for Barry Allen.

New merchandise for The Flash movie reveals a full proper look at Dark Flash and a new suit for Barry Allen. One of the films that have been in the works for nearly a decade is The Flash movie, which was first announced back in October 2014. Following Miller’s casting, The Flash film went back and forth from development hell to almost starting filming. It wasn’t until director Andy Muschietti boarded the DCEU film that Barry’s solo adventure went forward. Loosely based on the Flashpoint storyline, The Flash follows the fastest man alive whose actions with time travel causes him to tap into the multiverse.


As The Flash is less than a half year away from release, merchandise has begun to emerge for the DCEU installment. A recent toy reveal gave a first look at Dark Flash, seemingly one of – if not the main – villains of the film.

Thanks to DCU Movie Page on Twitter, a full-on look has now been unveiled, giving a proper inspection of the Dark Flash. The upcoming Funko Pop! line-up will include the two Batmen, Miller’s main version of The Flash, as well as Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. Michael Shannon and Gal Gadot’s Zod and Wonder Woman are also part of The Flash’s Funko Pop! merchandise. However, a third Barry figure is also part of the set, showing the speedster donning what appears to be a prototype suit. Kiersey Clemons, who is playing Iris West, has also gotten a Funko Pop! figure.

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How Dark Flash & Multiple Barry Allens Fit Into The Flash Movie Story

Dark Flash from the comics blended with Barry Allen from live-action movie

It’s unclear at this point which variation of the Dark Flash the film will use in the DCEU installment. In the comics, Dark Flash (or Black Flash, to be proper) is similar to Death but for speedsters. Another incarnation of Dark Flash is an alternative version of Wally West, who goes by “Walter.” Currently, it’s unknown if The Flash’s Dark Flash is related to either character or a whole new take on him.

The idea of multiple versions of Barry running around in The Flash is, in the end, incredibly fitting for the story. Whether it is in the comics, animation, or The Flash TV show, the Scarlet Speedster is infamous for getting tangled in alternative timelines and universes. They even get to a point where Barry will run into past or future versions of himself, as well as doppelgangers from other universes. Given how deep into the multiverse The Flash movie is about to go, it only makes sense that Barry encounters various iterations of himself.

With not one but two versions of Batman and now several Barrys, it will be intriguing to see how complex The Flash will get because of this. The bigger question is what the result will be after The Flash’s climax. Since the DCEU is getting replaced with the DCU, Flash’s place in the new franchise has yet to be clarified. From Miller’s legal controversies to the state of DC Studios, only time will tell what is in store for the Scarlet Speedster in years to come. As The Flash film gets closer to its release, there are bound to be more merchandise leaks about the DCEU movie.

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Source: DCU Movie Page

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