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Liam Smith is relishing his showdown with Chris Eubank Jr, the first major fight of 2023.

Smith and Eubank Jr will clash on January 21 at the AO Arena in Manchester, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

It is a fight that Smith, despite Eubank’s advantages in size and weight, fully believes he will win.

“If I was taking this fight for any other reason than I think I beat Chris, I’d have took this fight in December – I’m not going to struggle to make 160lbs. I would have took this fight, took my cheque and went home,” Smith said.

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“I took this fight when I’m 100 per cent ready because I know I’ll beat Chris. I’ll beat Chris again in the rematch if he wants.”

There is a rematch clause in their contract. If Liverpool’s Smith is victorious and Eubank does call for the rematch, a second fight between the pair will be even bigger.

Smith believes it could headline at Anfield stadium in his hometown.

“I think so because of the atmosphere and the buzz we’re going to get in Manchester and I think it’ll be back here again in the North West. I think Anfield’s begging for a fight. So I think if it’s good enough then we can take it back to Anfield,” he said.

“I’m 100 per cent confident of beating Chris Eubank Jr and if anything I’ll probably have the option to stay at middleweight, go back to 154lbs if [the world] titles become vacant or whatever.

“I fully intend on beating Chris. It’s not going to harm any of my rankings, it’s not going to move me back from the position I’m in. I think I’ll beat Chris and then we’ll see how the picture unfolds.”

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Smith only moved up to middleweight in his last fight, whereas Eubank Jr has spent his career operating at 160 and even 168lbs.

But Smith is untroubled by any advantage that might appear to give his opponent.

“I’ll bet every penny, however much you want, I’ll be heavier than Chris Eubank in the ring,” Smith said.

“Chris has got the body type where he finds it hard to lose [weight] and doesn’t put a lot on. He’s probably walking round six, seven, eight pounds over his weight and maybe gets in the ring the same. Probably puts seven, eight pounds on, maybe a little bit more from 160lbs.

“Don’t be fooled. He’s not [a super-middleweight]. Look at him from the side. He’s the width of a cup,” Smith continued.

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“It’s why I had no problems with this fight being at whatever weight it was. I know I’m big enough and solid enough myself. I know Chris knows that. We’ve sparred so he’s not silly.”

What gives Smith such confidence is his faith in his own boxing skills.

“I think he’s a fit good athlete who’s got a very, very good chin,” Smith noted.

But he declared: “If Chris was a 154lbs fighter and the size wasn’t involved and this match was made – who wins? I think if you ask people to strip it back in that sense, I think beside the size, I do everything better than Chris, fundamentals, variety.

“I’m massively confident whatever way the fight will be that as long as I turn up fit and ready, I beat Chris Eubank.”

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