Aaron Rodgers’ trade value took a hit after subpar 2022 season, claims ex-NFL agent


With Aaron Rodgers’ future uncertain, the Green Bay Packers will have to consider all options. He could end up returning to the team and suiting up as normal next season. He could retire outright. He could also request a trade, and teams have already inquired about that.

Unfortunately, it’s not a good time for the Packers to trade their quarterback. Had they traded him last offseason when he was a back-to-back MVP, he would have commanded a massive return. Now, that’s not so much the case.

According to NFL agent Joel Corry, Rodgers’ season indicates that he’s not the same player anymore. This, in turn, tanks his trade value.


He said via CBS Sports:

“Rodgers had a subpar 2022 season. His 12 interceptions were his most since 2008, when he first became a starter. Rodgers threw 13 interceptions combined over the 2019 through 2021 seasons. His 91.1 passer rating was the lowest in his career. Rodgers’ 217.4 passing yards per game were also a career low.”

There are a few reasons for this, such as a couple of injuries and a sheer lack of reliable pass-catchers on the roster. Still, the stats don’t lie and they don’t demand as big of a return as the Packers would like.

Will Aaron Rodgers pursue a trade?
Will Aaron Rodgers pursue a trade?

They’re reportedly seeking two first-round picks and more for the quarterback. Is 217 passing yards per game and a 91.1 passer rating worth all that? Probably not.

Additionally, if age and decline is a factor in the regression, then a 2023-2024 season for Rodgers could look even worse. Most teams know this and won’t send as much to Green Bay as a result.

This could all be moot if Rodgers retires or wants to run it back for $60 million with the Packers, though.

Which teams could trade for Aaron Rodgers?

There are probably two realistic trade options for Aaron Rodgers right now. The New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders make the most sense.


The Jets have been courting him and are looking into a veteran quarterback addition, of which there isn’t any better than Rodgers.

The Raiders cut Derek Carr and could reunite star wide receiver Davante Adams with Rodgers if they choose to pursue him.

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